For Your Little Ones, Gift Guide

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This gift guide is all about the littles! I asked on Instagram who you were shopping for and so many of you were looking for your kids, nieces, nephews, etc. so I’ve gathered my top picks from things we love or things coming under our own tree 🎁

Zoo Membership – I’m starting this this one because many kiddos have many things & gifting an experience is the BEST! We have a annual zoo membership and use it often, it would make such a thoughtful and exciting gift.

Lego Duplo Set – this one is bigger sized for the under 3 group and it comes highly recommended from other mom friends who have it already!

Bear Doctor Set – such a cute way to let the imagination learn!

Pop Top Stacking Cups – two of my daughters favorite things are the little pop it toys and stacking cups. Cannot wait to see how happy she is when she opens this combo deal!

Snack Spinner – a great way to pack snacks in a fun way!

TonieBox – this will be on Brenlee’s list once she’s a bit older because it’s a great way to replace screen time! The little toys on top work together with the box to play stories, how fun!

InnyBin – Brenlee got this as a first birthday gift and it’s been a favorite ever since.

Lovevery subscription – hands down the best toys and activities. When we started this plan months ago we were immediately hooked. We have received 3 boxes so far and each just gets better and better. We’ve truly seen our daughter flourish in development and I know these play a big role. Use this link for $20 off!!

Busy Box – amazing quality and would make a great big gift at an affordable cost.

Taste Safe Paint – a great way to incorporate art while still in the must eat everything stage.

Shopping cart & wooden food – not only is this great for my daughter to push around but adding in the extra food categories has been a great learning activity. We say each food and color and now she is at the point where she will sift through the basket and bring us what we asked for. How amazing is that?! We went with wooden food for the extras because it’ll last must longer than plastic.

Babydoll – this one is as cute as can be and amazing quality. We got Bren the accessories & this doll for her big gift.

Babydoll Stroller – because she loves pushing things around and what better than her new babydoll? I cannot wait to see the smile on her face!

Kitchen helper stand – we have and love this one. I chose it for the extra safety features and feel it’s worth the cost.

There’s my suggestions but when in doubt you cannot go wrong with books or activities! I’ll try round up my favorite books at some point to make a post. Also remember that not everyone is able to give the same amount or same costs, that is okay! You’re doing amazing and your kids will be so happy with anything you can swing. Happy gifting!

xoxo, M

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