Baby Favorites – Save vs. Splurge

If you are a return reader to my blog, you will likely remember my article titled “Favorite Baby Products: First 2 Months” well, my daughter is now 11 months old (HOW?!) and I have had a request from a fellow mama to be to update my favorites with anything I have loved so far. I am also going to add a little twist and let you know if each product was a save vs. splurge and if I recommend the splurges we went with. I am also going to preface this post by saying keep in mind that we believe in investing in quality products that we will get use with for multiple future babies and that ease of use is something we value highly when considering price, but I will explain our why for each item too so you can determine for yourself if you agree.

Bassinet: SAVE. I had the hardest time deciding on a bassinet and my husband actually found this option. I list it as “save” because in comparison, it is a very reasonable price for what is on the market but we LOVE IT. The quality is wonderful, the design is very neutral and it easily packs for travel. I was drawn to this bassinet because it seemed to allow baby to utilize it longer than others.

Favorite Pajamas and Sleep Sacks: SPLURGE. If you know one thing about us, it is that we LOVE Little Sleepies. Not only is it now the only pajamas that our daughter wears, but my husband and I too. They are the most comfortable, wash well, and last 3x (or more) longer than any other brand size wise. Brenlee is about 19.5 lbs and 29″ or more and is still wearing size 3-6 month whereas any other brand she is in 12mo+. We also love their sleep sacks and HIGHLY recommend splurging in both of these categories (may very well save you money in the long run too!)

Baby booties: SPLURGE. Point blank, baby socks and shoes do not stay on. Our neighbor introduced us to this brand and we have loved them. They stay on, keep her feet warm and have nice and neutral styles.

Pack and Play: SAVE. This pack and play is lightweight, easy to take up and down, and our baby sleeps great in it. We actually had her sleeping in it full time in our room once we out grew the bassinet because I just wasn’t quite ready to transition her to the crib. I would buy this exact one and save on some of the big name brands. I cannot wait to use it for travel this summer because it is just so simple and easy!

Bath Tub: SAVE. I am impressed with this tub insert especially for the low cost. We just stopped using it now that our daughter is so active and able to safely sit up in the tub. For the cost, you can’t beat it and it was super easy to store away in her closet when not in use.

Baby Care Products: SPLURGE. High quality, effective and safe products are something I will pay extra for every time. This brand has been incredible for us and I highly recommend it to anyone who asks. Even our peditrian asked and has been passing it onto fellow mamas because she has been so impressed with Brenlee’s soft skin since the day they met. (Must Haves: All Over Ointment (so great for baby acne or eczema), Body-wash, Body Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, Sunscreen).

Activity Table: SPLURGE. I researched for months and came across this activity center and I am very pleased. Reviews of other brands were subpar in the quality department which made me uncomfortable with my daughter standing and playing in this. The one we purchased was slightly more expensive but had great reviews and is on the most neutral/subtle design spectrum when it comes to these (usually pretty tacky) pieces. I love that she will get years and years use as this one specifically is able to transition to a table that she can stand up against once she outgrows the inner seat. So, a splurge now but lasts longer!

Activity Cube: SAVE. We went the save route with this one and I am SO glad. Truly the quality is incredible and our daughter is becoming more and more interested every day. I was reviewing different options before I settled on this one and I fully believe that spending more would not have given us any better quality. I also love this brand for other toys as well!

Highchair: SAVE. This chair was highly recommended to us because it was affordable but also easy to use/clean. I would pick this one, hands down. It has worked very well for us and it’s easy to clean up the inevitable mess your baby will make.

Baby Food Maker: SPLURGE. This maker steams and blends all in one so the ease of use is excellent. I have loved making purees and now pouches for her and can tell it will last for many kids. (bonus: to continue use and get your money worth, add on this pouch maker so you can utilize it into toddlerhood.)

Waterwipes: SPLURGE. Other brands gave our girl diaper rash so this brand is something that I am wiling to spend money on!

Baby Monitor: SPLURGE. This monitor tracks babies RPM which personally gives me such peace of mind. The quality is really great and their customer service is helpful! We display the video on our iPad at night. I really was drawn to this monitor over others with similar features because baby does not need to physically wear anything for the tracking – other brands require wraps and such.

Stroller System : YOU DECIDE. This one needs to be a personal choice. We got a very deluxe stroller system and it is wonderful. It worked great with our infant seat and has the ability to transition into a double stroller as our family grows. BUT it is also very large and I wouldn’t recommend it for travel, so we also have a lightweight travel stroller we use when we are more on the go. I think the overall convenience of car seat compatibility along with the luxe features are worth it for our family, but that has to be a personal preference. We use it daily in our neighborhood and used it anywhere we went up until recently when It was more convenient to get a small system for on the go now that our baby has transitioned to a convertible car seat. Here is the one we have – like I said, I absolutely love it but I also think you COULD opt to save in this area if your budget doesn’t allow for it.

Lovevery subscription box: SPLURGE. This is a box that arrives every 2-3 months depending on your Childs age. We just started getting this and we love it so far. It has really helped us focus in on age appropriate acitivies so we can help our daughter meet milestones. The toys included are made to last so it is an investment for future kiddos as well. Highly recommend. If you follow this link you can save some $$$:

Is there anything I missed or categories you would like me to review? Comment below! Hope this helped you gift or plan!

xoxo, M 

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Please note that every body, mother and child is different, and you should always consult your doctor about any concerns you have and verify with them before taking or using any supplements or using any products. This blog post is personal to my own experience only and is not to be taken as medical advice. 

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