I have to admit, I have been feeling very discouraged and disconnected in the social media space lately. I have always been one who is fueled by words and with the new trending reels, humorous sounds, and the overwhelming scroll that is social media these days, I have been left feeling completely uninspired and overwhelmed.

Let’s focus on Instagram for a second, because that is where I personally spend my time scrolling for an embarrassing amount of time each day. As reels take over, I feel that this space has been loosing some of the value that I used to find. Videos are so entertaining, and can be really fun to watch and create, but I am finding it hard to establish connection between the lines because the words and meaning aren’t always the focus when the goal is to rack up the views. Until recently…

I had a reel go viral and I was ecstatic. Not because I got a ton of views, but because of the connection. I made a reel that meant something to a lot of people, specially mamas. I had so many valuable conversations in my direct messages and comments, and it really dawned on me what the whole point of social media was (for me anyways). Connection.

Like I said before, I have always been one who is fueled by words. Words have the opportunity to create change, to provide hope and to most importantly, make you feel less alone. I love video, because it can easily transport you to beautiful moments in time, but somewhere along the way my social media feed got filled with a bunch of variations of the same trend, that aim to make you laugh and continue your scroll.

Running both a personal account and a business account for our boutique, I had been spending my days writing down the latest trend in my notes only to not accomplish any of them because I got overwhelmed. Worse yet, when I did post, I was more concerned with the views than I was the content, which has never been like me. I started to buy into the exact thing that was making me feel disconnected in the first place. More views = more success, when ultimately I have always aimed to create a space that leaves people better than when they found it, and my satisfaction came from connection on a deeper level with my followers that overall had eyes on my page. I have been allowing social media to feel toxic recently, when I am a firm believer that it is an incredible tool for both business and personal growth.

I posted a reel that meant something, and it finally went viral, but in the end… I didn’t care about the views at all – I was overwhelmed by the connection it was able to help create. So for now, I am letting go of the expected content and going to focus on creating the depth that I’ve been craving myself.

It might be far and few between or it might be super often if I find myself inspired again. It might come in the form of reels, stories, grid posts or blog posts just like this one here, but I want to release the expectation of myself to follow trends for simple entertainment and dive into finding connection in the chaos. Maybe a goofy reel will come natural because they can be a fun way to help people take a laughing breath from their busy lives every so often, or maybe it will go much deeper than that if the words can find a way to prevail, too. I think a mix is healthy, and regardless, I am going to create for me from now on, in hopes to truly connect with YOU.

I hope you’ll follow along and find value in whatever comes next here on my little corner of the internet. And I hope if you’re feeling a little bit lost in the scroll too, you know you have a friend here craving the same connection. I am now inviting you to disconnect with the chaos, and to find reconnection in the online space. I am inviting you to protect your peace and dig for the value. I’ll see you there.

xoxo, M

Follow me on instagram while we try to find connection in the chaos! I can’t wait to see you there. (@monica.croatt // https://www.instagram.com/monica.croatt

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