Favorite Baby Products: First 2 Months

I was asked by a friend if I could recommend my top 3 baby products for her sister who was newly pregnant and building her registry. Well, it turns out I have a lot more than 3 favorites, and I have rounded them up here for you! *click the name titles to shop*

For Baby: Every baby is different, and it is often hit or miss with baby products, but these are items we absolutely loved these first two months.

Snuggle Me Organic – this was a life saver the first few months! We are starting to use it less now, but it made napping so much easier for our baby because she felt “cuddled” and we could keep it next to us in view while using it!

Hatch Sound Machine – this doubles as a sound machine and nightlight and I honestly chalk this up as a must have for parents AND baby. It is helpful to set the stage for bedtime sleep, so baby is in a familiar routine, while also giving some background noise so you as parents aren’t woken up to every grunt, coo, and little sleep cry.

Play Gym – our daughter LOVES laying under this play gym and looking up at the hanging objects. She is even starting to reach for them now which is so fun! Plus it is very aesthetically pleasing which is a huge win!

Llama mat – get it with the play gym above and you have the perfect set up for self play! These two things are not a NEED, but are truly so cute & fun. We got this as a gift and had no idea we would love it as much as we do! It’s so comfortable, she often dozes off on it.

Burp Cloths – this seems funny but you honestly need 3x more than you think you do so I felt to urge to put it on the list. We love the ones I linked!

Rocker – this is lightweight, neutral, and folds flat! This is one of two of our rockers and it is perfect while she is tiny because it fits her very well at this stage. Bonus points because I can drag it into the bathroom while I get ready when baby wants to be around the action.

Stroller Fan – this one is great because it has 3 levels of speed, can attached to the stroller, car seat, crib, etc. and is wireless!

For Mom: Don’t forget about mama – growing a baby is no easy task, and sometimes showing her a little love specific to her needs is just what she will need to raise her spirits. Here is a few items I adore as a new mom.

Button down pajama set – I brought this set to the hospital and have worn it every time it is clean since. It is soft, comfortable, fits well, and is easy for the middle of the night feeds! Plus it is black, which is the only color I liked to wear those first weeks postpartum.

Elvie Curve – if mom is nursing, this will make her life a lot easier in my opinion. It naturally suctions to the opposite side that baby is feeding off of to catch letdown. This saves time and energy having to pump after feeds and we have built an incredible freezer stash of milk thanks to this! It slides right in your bra so baby doesn’t kick it off while feeding.

Mama Hat – simply because getting ready each day is no longer an option and my favorite items are those that say “mama” these days!

Nursing Snack Basket – this one I can’t link but it is the best DIY gift for new moms. I have been giving these to friends as a ‘welcome home’ gift, and it is very appreciated during those late night feeding sessions (where you will be hungry!). Include healthy options like granola bars, fruit bars, pretzels, etc.

There you have it… my top baby items these first few months! Other things to keep in mind would be having a variety of swaddles to chose from. Little babies have big preferences in this department. Our favorites are currently the Halo sleepsack and a traditional wrap swaddle blanket.

Weather you are building your registry, gifting a new or soon to be mom, or just curious for the future…I hope that helps!

xoxo, M

By clicking and/or purchasing items via certain links on this site and across related social media platforms, I may receive a commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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