Maternity Must Haves: Round Up

As I approach the half way point in my first pregnancy (crazy, I know!) I have been getting questions from other mama’s to be wondering if I have any tips or must have items to survive the first trimester/early second trimester changes. The answer is, YES! Here are my must have items to make you feel a lot more comfortable and confident in your own (changing) skin!

Click the names below to shop each item!

Pregnancy Pillow: because it is never too early in your pregnancy to put your own comfort first! I started using this around week 8, which to some is early, but to me my quality of sleep wasn’t worth waiting any longer since I have been a stomach sleeper for all of my life.

Humidifier: Pregnancy has made my skin dry, nose dry, mouth dry, you name it! Having a reliable humidifier can make a world of a difference. We run this nightly about 4 feet from my side of the bed.

Lip Mask: Soothing and moisturizing so it can repair while you sleep.

Arbonne Bio-Hydria Skincare Set: Again, everything just feels dry for me so far this pregnancy and my skin has ultimately paid the price! This skincare line is gentle, calming and gives my skin the big boost of moisturizer it needs. Plus it has really helped me to personally tackle the first trimester hormonal breakouts.

Belly Oil: to support that growing bump! I love using this every morning and also while in the tub for extra relaxation and skin support.

Adjustable Maternity Leggings: Again, don’t let anyone else decide when you need these. Comfort is key and I love how they adjust to grow with your bump!

Ginger Hard Candy AND Preggie Pop Drops: I say AND because sometimes one is needed over the other. The Preggie Pop Drops are great when you need something more sour to take away the nausea (more intense nausea in my experience) while the ginger hard candies are more of an every day grab when you need relief from the persistent feeling of queasiness.

I hope you find these items helpful! Another tip I have is to start your baby registry early, so you can continue to add and adjust before making it public. It’s a great way to get all of your must have items in one place while you plan, and the earlier you start, the longer you have to perfect it and think it over.

Good luck, mama! I am rooting for you! -M

Always consult your personal doctor regarding pregnancy products and supplements before use. By clicking and/or purchasing items via certain links on this site and across related social media platforms, I may receive a commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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