Why Having a Wedding Video Should be Non-Negotiable

Created by Devin Winter / In2Motion Media.

The video you watched above was just the teaser, you will need to visit my instagram IGTV (@monica.croatt) to view the whole thing due to size upload limitations. None the less, when you watched that teaser, I think it became clear that this was one of the, if not the best investments we made for our big day.

When putting our priorities down on paper while dreaming up our perfect wedding day, we knew that having an incredible videographer needed to be at the top of the list. There is something about being able to have the best day on replay that can help you truly soak it all in. The day goes fast, and sometimes the in between moments can blur. Having a wedding video serves as a highlight reel that you can relive over and over again. We wrote our own vows (totally recommend!) and they are read throughout our video. We absolutely love being able to listen to them while we watch the day evolve.

Having a wedding video was always so important to us, but when our wedding got downsized from 300 guests to 10 people due to covid, it became the best decision we ever made. Our family and friends who were unable to be physically present, were able to not only look at photos, but to truly feel like they were there with us by watching our wedding video. With the unknown revolving around weddings for the times to come, I would not hesitate to book your videographer. Best case, your wedding is exactly how you planned, and you have a video to capture it. Worst case, you wedding is nothing like you planned (but everything that you needed), and you have a video to capture it. You cannot go wrong here!

I clearly recommend having wedding video, but I recommend having Devin Winter / In2Motion Media even more. Devin was with us from the proposal itself, to the engagement shoot and until the final moment of our big day. He is beyond talented and we wouldn’t change a single thing. I would like lying if I said we haven’t watched our video what is going on hundreds of times… we are completely in awe of how well our personalities were captured and love that was bursting through every second of it. So, all I can say is do it, and do it right. Happy wedding planning!

Love, M

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