Monthly Budget Tracking: Our Personal Template

When it comes to budgeting, we aren’t experts, but we have found what works for us so that we know where our money is going each month, and how we can adjust it if need be. *Keep reading for a free download!

Below is the template we use. Our official form has fixed expenses typed out under the corresponding category, being that they are our month to month standard expenses. Some examples of this would be our home mortgage, car insurance, internet, and monthly subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix and our home security system.

Pro Tip: Print and hang this form on your fridge. When you walk by it will remind you to fill out any recent purchases.

The pro to tracking is that we can see it all laid out, and it truly helps you see where things add up. Before paying attention, we were spending hundreds of extra dollars each month, simply because little by little it didn’t seem like an issue. In addition to this, we talk about our monthly goals at the start of the month, based on last months results. Some examples of goals we have set are: Save $$$ this month, eat out a maximum of X times per person this month, keep groceries under $$$ this month.

You will notice two miscellaneous columns. To keep the tracking simple, we didn’t go into deep details for every category we may use, instead we label things as we go. For example, I purchased a book from amazon, so I wrote “$12 – book” so we knew what it was come month end.

Pro Tip: Round up each purchase to the nearest dollar. It will eventually even itself out and it makes the monthly totaling / tracking much more simple!

At the bottom of the form we have our month results, which is kind of like a game to stay in the positive. I have to say, seeing my purchases written out was kind of a wake up call at first, but now I am much more aware of the number of times I hit “add to cart” in a month.

Now it’s your turn! I’ve included a free download of our template below. Remember, we aren’t experts, but this is what worked well for us. Make it your own as you go! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Love, M (& B, because he is the budgeter in the family!)


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