What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Simple, sweet and styled looks that you will love in photos for the years to come.

When planning your engagement outfits, it’s important to focus on two things; how you feel in the outfits, and where you will be taking your photos. Discuss this with your photographer, but we did a total of 3 outfits that would give us a different ‘feel’ depending on the look we were going for.

Simple – for this look we wanted to feel natural and in our element. These photos are great because they remind you of your every day life. Grab your favorite pair of jeans (dark washed jeans photograph better), a plain dark v neck for him, and a simple tank top for her. I went for a slight pattern while still keeping it very neutral so that it would’t look busy or go out of style.

Sweet – for this look we went one step up and found a sweet baby doll dress for her and a pop of color v neck for him. I went with white because it looked great against the natural atmosphere of the falls and of course I was going to soak up the bride vibes as much as possible.

Styled – for this look we went more formal, but without going overboard, which is key. This is where my Pinterest board came to life with a more dreamy look. We worked in some poses that helped build the romance, without feeling unnatural, and we also specifically waited for golden hour to put these outfits on.

Pro tip: Bring a bouquet with you to help set the tone and to bring variety to your photos. I got mine from BouqsCo.

Again, the two most important things to remember here is that you must feel confident in the outfits you choose, and depending on where you will be taking the photographs, the looks may need to change slightly. Keep it neutral and leave patterns to a minimum. You and your significant other are the center of attention here, and you don’t want to take away from that. Bonus points if the outfits flow together – you won’t regret having some sort of theme as you will often see them side by side. My exact looks are sold out but I linked similar items below incase you need some inspiration of your own.

Love, M

Photos were shot at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Scheid Media, Brandon Olmscheid.

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