Housewarming Gifting 101

A sweet and simple way to say “welcome home!”

I scaled Pinterst and gathered ideas, but not only was I on a time crunch, but I also wanted it to be useful and personal for the new homeowners.

Because I was short on time, I didn’t have time to order anything that I found online, so I took the ideas I saw and made it my own as I circled Homegoods and Target. Our besties just purchased their first home, and not long ago we were in their shoes. Plus, not only did they just get the keys to their new place, but they also got a new puppy, and I of course wanted to include him in the gift basket.

There are two things that can go in every basket as far as I am concerned; wine & candles. As I put the bottle of wine in the basket, I had a flash back to our own home renovation days… wine is useful during them for sure, and to make it personal I put a tag on the bottle that said ” Open When: you get in your next fight about home renovations.” I almost said “Open When: you finish home renovations” but as a homeowner, and one who remodeled, I knew that day may never come.

I found a cute set of puppy toys, and luckily had picked a candle to match. The key to a cute gift basket, is a color theme that ties it all together. The three pack I found was so cute, and Murphy (their puppy!) loved them too!

Next, I saw wood coasters at Target and thought they were cute, but missing something. I wanted one main personal touch and it clicked; customize them! I absolutely love how they turned out, thanks to my Cricut (shop mine below!). I opted for a vinyl stencil and white paint. It was much cheaper than ordering them, and didn’t take too much extra time either!

Lastly, put everything together in something that’s functional. I knew their home had a mix of grey and tan undertones, so I went with a neutral whicker basket that they can reuse wherever they see fit!

Happy Housewarming!

Love, M

The Final Product!! I just love how it all came together!!
Click the photo to shop my Cricut! It has been SO fun & useful!

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