Wedding Flowers: A Guide For Designing Your Own

How to create your vision by filling your wedding day with beautiful blooms.

I was very lucky because my dear friend, Kylie helped to bring my flower dreams to life. We worked hand in hand to create a vision that was simple, timeless, and show stopping all in one. I had one non-negotiable; white peonies, and that’s my first tip… find your must have, non-negotiable flower, and build everything else around that.

Our bouquets consisted of peonies, ranunculus, spray roses, stock, myrtle and seeded eucalyptus. For an added touch, I found the perfect ribbon to tie around the stems – I linked it below, because it was an 18 month hunt for the perfect color, material and style – my time loss, your gain!

The ratio of greenery to flowers is personal preference, I wanted all white everything – with green accents. The look of the bouquet can change depending on this, along with stem length, and bouquet size. Play around with some combinations and choose what suits you and your style best. For me, the bigger the bouquet the better, and I am so glad I went with my gut on this!

Flower boxes consisted of the same as the bouquets, with the addition of hydrangeas for some added volume. Peonies are on the pricier side, so in order to cut some costs, we did a combination of peonies and hydrangeas, and I truly loved how they turned out!

Our wedding arch and welcome sign had fake silk flowers, so that we didn’t have to worry about them wilting or falling off. This is also a great option because we can use them for future events too. Go for quality here, and it will be hard to tell the difference between real and silk.

Follow my girl, Kylie on instagram (@Kylieromashko) and shoot her a message if you’re interested in her helping you design your flowers too! She does both real and silks!

Love, M

Tip: Add left over flowers to your cake to tie it all together!
Click the photo to shop ribbon (multiple colors available!)
Real bouquet, silk arch flowers.
A diamond necklace tied around the stem, to keep my grandma with me down the aisle (I used the flower twine to hold it on, and took the chain off to keep it clean).
Tip: Add extra greens all over for a dreamy look! Click the photo to shop our table runner.
Silk flowers to match the arch!
Put flower boxes everywhere to tie it all together! Less is NOT more when it comes to fresh blooms!

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Photographs by: Scheid Media, Brandon Olmscheid

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