Get Your Glow On!

Get that all year glow, without risking damage to your skin.

I had a skin scare and thankfully it turned out to be more or less just a scare, but I have a scar to show for it and a lesson learned. You get one body, and we spend a lot of time worrying about what we put in it; we should be thinking just as hard about what we put on it and what we expose it to.

Self tanners can be a hit or miss. I am obsessed with custom spray tans for special events, but that just wouldn’t be financially responsible to keep up full time. It took me a few misses in the self tanning lotion category before I met my match, so I figured I would share the secret to my glow!

Tip #1: Find something that can build color – in order to keep it natural, you want to be able to take it in phases if you wish! Usually I apply weekly, but if I am going for a darker look, I like that I have the option to do that!

Tip #2: Find your preferred consistency – I’ve tried sprays, lotions and foams and I have a big preference towards lotions! The reason being, you can mix it! I take my self tanning lotion, and mix it with my body lotion or face moisturizer of choice and you are able to choose your glow with that mix!

Tip #3: Give it drying time – I had a tendency to apply moments before going to bed and it would either end up on the sheets or create funny lines where I sweat (sorry TMI). Usually waiting a few hours will do the trick, so plan accordingly!

There ya have it! The simple, cost effective, and safe way to get your glow on year round!

Love, M

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