DIY At Home Photoshoot

I often get asked who takes the photos for my husband and I, and unless it’s a special occasion, usually…. we do! Read my tips below on how to conduct your own DIY at home photoshoot!

  1. Get close – when it comes to taking your own photos, I have found that getting closer to your partner is key. Distance shots can look very staged when someone isn’t on the other side of the camera, we tend to pull together when a tripod is involved.
  2. Focus on lighting – keep an eye on direct light and back light just like a professional would. Don’t try and shoot your own photos late at night or when the sun is too high. Find the right glow!
  3. Get an easy to use tripod and camera – weather it is your cell phone or a digital camera (I shoot with a Canon Rebel T6i), make sure it has either self timer capabilities or remote shooting capabilities. My camera for example links to my phone’s app and I can use it as a remote to take the photos!
  4. Be natural – the best part about shooting your own photos is that you can work through some trial and error. You aren’t necessarily posing for your Christmas card (well, you could be!), so try to feel at home and be in your element.
  5. Less is more – pay attention to details behind you and remove what you don’t want taking away from the focus (you!). Your home may be cluttered, but the photo doesn’t have to be!
  6. Editing is key – make your photos look instantly more professional with the right filters. I tend to steer more towards the ‘glowy’ tones, especially when shooting in my home.

Happy photoshoot!

Love, M

Click here for my camera tripod:

Click here for a cellphone tripod option:

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